Thursday, September 3, 2009

Creamy Party Punch

I made this the other night for a baby shower I threw, and it was delicious! I got the recipe online after having it at someone else's house, but I added more vanilla ice cream than it called for. It's like having dessert in a cup. I forgot to take a picture of it when it was put together, so sorry about that.

2 large cans of pineapple juice
2 liter of lemon lime soda
1 pint rainbow sherbet
1 quart vanilla ice cream (it called for 1 pint, but I found it was better with more)

Scoop the sherbet and ice cream in your punch bowl. Pour the pineapple juice and soda over the ice cream and sherbet. Let sit for a few minutes to allow the ice cream and sherbet to melt a little before serving. I found I could only put about half of this in my punch bowl at a time, and I have a pretty big punch bowl.

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