Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sweet & Spicy Little Smokies

Ok, so if you look at the ingredients, you might think, what in the world??? I know I've had something like this in the past, and when I remember looking up recipes for it, I thought the same thing. But trust me, these are really yummy and a big hit. If I was on the receiving end, I would think, "Amber, you have lost your mind!" These are sweet and spicy (not hot, just flavorful) and oh so yummy! You can make these with meatballs as well instead of the little smokies. Make your own meatballs or buy them premade. But, if you've never had these, you HAVE to try them. This made a LOT of sauce, so I will put on here what I used, but I think next time, for 4 packages of little smokies, which is a lot, I will use the medium jar of jelly and only 2 jars of chili sauce. I didn't need quite so much for this amount of smokies.

4 packages of little smokies (see note at top about this)
32oz jar of grape jelly
3 12oz jars chili sauceDirections
Drain your packages of little smokies of extra juice, and throw all of them in the bottom of your crockpot. Cover in the jar of grape jelly and spread around a little. Pour chili sauce over top of that, and turn your crockpot on high for the first 2-3 hours and then on low or warm just to keep them warm for your party. You can also do these on the stovetop if you want to get them done sooner, but you might want to throw them in a crockpot on low or warm afterwards to keep them hot for the party's appetizer. Stir well, dip a few out, and eat!!!

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