Monday, January 31, 2011

Diet Soda Brownies

This is the same concept as diet soda cake but with brownies. My mother in law tried this a while back with a whole can of soda (which is what many sites say you can do online), but it did not turn out at all. I did a little reading online and found it was best to use 1/2 can of soda. I did use cherry coke zero but you can use whatever diet soda you want. The texture is a little different than regular brownies, more crumbly, but I really liked them and would definitely make them again. It reduces your calories, fat, and Weight Watcher points to basically what is in the box mix. Normally if you divide the pan of brownies into 12 pieces, they are 6 points each. This reduces it to 4 points each and you can even cut them a little bigger and make 10 brownies for still only 4 points each or 20 brownies for 2 points each. I also love this for those who have egg allergies. :-)

-6oz diet coke (3/4 cup)
-brownie mix for 9x13 pan (watch for allergens per brand)

Mix together soda and brownie mix with spoon or spatula. Follow directions for baking on back of brownie mix box.

Weight Watcher Points: 2 points for 1/20th of the pan

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