Saturday, January 21, 2012

Peanut Butter Cream

This is amazing! I LOVE peanut butter! I can eat it by the spoonful alone. Unfortunately it's not very diet friendly at 2 points per tbsp. So, I found this recipe online, and it is so yummy and only 2 points a serving!!! I tried putting it in the fridge at first, thinking it would be more like a mousse, but it is way better frozen, more like peanut butter ice cream. It does not look like a big serving at all, but it is very satifying. The other night I passed up a Wendy's frosty, even though I had the points for it, to have this instead. I would eat this all the time NOT on a diet!

8oz fat free cool whip
3 tbsp peanut butter

Mix together your peanut butter and cool whip, divide into 6 small containers (3oz bathroom cups work great), and freeze.

WW points: 2 points a serving!!!

Optional: Add 4 Tbsp chocolate chips (I like mini) and mix that in as well. Each serving becomes only 3 points.

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